SDStateLibrary.Com’s premiere service is Research and Reference. SDStateLibrary.Com gears toward providing library staff and libraries assistance in finding books, articles, and resources that are important for research. Additional training is also provided to different state agencies that focus on State Library Services and resources.

SDStateLibrary.Com also provides information on various grants that will help people with their research. SDStateLibrary.Com is a member of nationwide network of libraries, foundations, and agencies that provide visitors with free access to grantmaker directories, books about fundraising and management, and also access into the Foundation Center’s electronic database called the Foundation Directory Online Professional, which is a searchable database of detailed profiles of active organizations and foundations.

SDStateLibrary.Com also has a rich treasure trove of online resources and a category-sorted database, which is accessible by the public through their school or government libraries.

Apart from national and state-wide resources, SDStateLibrary.Com also provides the public with online resources from international sources.